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According to howtopronounce.com pronounciation of my name is moderately difficult. Only level 3 out of 5. The 'sz' digraph at the end is my favourite part. It is pronounced like English 'sh' in Polish, 's' in Hungarian and is a grandparent of German ß.

On a daily basis I work with OpenShift and people in mixed proportions. Learning new things every day. Trying not to forget the powerful feeling of deploying first container. That is a pure magic.

This page is a rewrite of my original blog bierkowski.com started in 2016. Maybe you have seen it in the early days of OpenShift. Who still remembers OpenShift 3.1 and early k8s versions?

As much as it was fun to use Wordpress to write and editing, at the same time it started to be limiting in what can be done and abstracted away.